Service terms
Terms of
Customer applies to us; we register the device in system; we provide ticket number (ACT). The ACT includes configurations, components and defects of device.

We check the warranty of device. After diagnostics, we inform you about defects, repair cost and timing. You decide whether to proceed or stop the service. In case of refusal we deliver back to you the equipment. If you decide to proceed, we’ll provide service as soon as possible and let you know at the end immediately.

Data storage
Customer is responsible for ensuring that he/she backed up all data before any work takes place. We are not liable for any loss of data or any damage resulting in loss of data. If you are unable to make a back-up of your files, then we can do it for you. Please contact us before we start work. There will be additional charges associated with this service.
We use the latest technology and diagnostic tools to ensure your data secure. We are committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information will not be used for any further purposes or shared with third parties.
Printing devices
The warranty shall not cover printing devices if cartridges are full.
Also the warranty doesn’t cover the product if it damaged by impact or liquid contamination, except the Care Pack extended warranty is applied. In this case even liquid ingress is under warranty terms. Should you have any details about issues covered by the extended warranty, please contact us.
Unexpected defects
We’ll inform you about any unreported defects detected during repair and fix it after your approval.
The total fee will include this additional service. If your device has warranty, and detected defect is covered by the warranty, we’ll fix it in accordance to the warranty terms.
Licenced software
For some jobs, we may need to re-install operating system on your device.
Your device should have a valid operating system installed, in this case we’ll restore it. If you have not, we’ll deliver your device back with “FreeDOS” status. We are unable to work on unlicensed operating systems.
Device’s functionality
We guarantee all services and works provided by our engineers.
Please be noted, we are not responsible for any component or periphery defect (ex. damage of file during anti-virus scanning) that may occur while diagnostic of your device.
Your device can be taken from service by your authorized person as well.
In this case your authorized person has to provide repair ticket to reception.
Repair timing:
Timing depends on: defect issue, delivery of components or peripheries (if it’s necessary). There will be additional charges for diagnostics of devices, which are not covered by warranty. Service fee depends on unforeseen issues.
Extended warranty
Defected parts after replacing will be property of our service. If you applied to our services under Care Pack and Defective Media Retention, we’ll replace your defected HDD with new one and deliver the old one to you. Contact us to get more information about extended warranty.
Repair timing may delay upon the availability of defect claims and parts that we obtain from third parties. We’ll notify customer about the status via call, e-mail, or SMS. Your device will be safe and secure while in possession.
Non-warranted parts
You can take non-warranted parts after replacing with you.
Storage and payment rules:
The service center stores equipment provided for the diagnosis and repair for a total of 60 (sixty) days. (When ordering spare parts from abroad is required, this period remains suspended).
Advance payment is required when ordering spare parts from abroad is necessary to proceed the repair works. The client can pay the advance in cash or online. If the client refuses repair for no apparent reason, the advance is not refundable.Advance payment is required when ordering spare parts from abroad is necessary to proceed the repair works. The client can pay the advance in cash or online. If the client refuses repair for no apparent reason, the advance is not refundable.
Online payments are carried out by the referral on the website of the partner bank. During all operations, information about the payer’s card is not stored on the website.
If the customer does not pick up his equipment from the service center within the specified period, in addition to the costs of diagnostics and repair, he undertakes to pay a penalty of 5 (five) AZN for each expired day of storage in the service center.

If the storage period lasts up to 90 (ninety) days, and the client does not pick up his equipment from the service center, the service center will send a letter with a reminder to the email address provided by the client at the time of receipt of the equipment.
If a response to this letter (if the equipment is not picked up) is not received within 3 (three) days, it should be accepted that the customer agrees that the equipment stored in the service will be destroyed and he can be liable for a prosecution under the law (debt, penalty, state duty, representative fee, etc.).
Remote and on-site service:
On-site repair
Minimum service visit fee of 50 AZN for our engineer to come to your location to make the service. Repair prices depends on devices, components and SLA level.
Remote repair
This service is valid within the agreement signed among the parties. Please contact us on details and our specialists will be happy to inform you about opportunities.
When you bring your device to us we may request:
  • Access to device and system (administrator password to BIOS, WINDOWS).
  • To accept our recommendations and instructions.
  • Warranty receipt (if exists) to register the warranty service. Please check your receipt to ensure following details are provided:

—  Model
—  Serial number
—  Stamp
—  Date

If necessary data is not indicated, please visit the store, where you purchased your device and ask sales manager to fill empty fields.

We are the only authorized service provider of HP and HPE in Azerbaijan!
Payment methods:
We will release your item back to you right after payment in full is received. Some works or preorders may require prepayment. We will inform you about it immediately. Payment methods accepted are cash or bank transfer.
Necessary data to register your device in our service center:
Company name
Name, surname
ZIP/Postal code
Landline & mobile numbers



We guarantee all replaced parts and services provided remotely or on-site. Warranty period depends on component and periphery – minimum 90 days. Repair warranty period is 30 days. Click on brand below to get more information on warranty terms. If you didn’t find your brand, please contact us and we’ll happily help you on exact product.

We are not responsible or liable for the following:

  • Any loss or corruption of data, files, or records
  • Any financial loss, or loss and interruption to business or contracts
  • Any failure by you to follow our reasonable recommendations or instructions
  • Any losses or issues you may suffer due to your use of (or failure to use) any anti-virus software